Sarah Hopkins - Music for the soul

Sarah Hopkins is an experienced workshop facilitator who regularly provides the following workshops around the world:

  • Sarah Hopkins : a Unique Australian Composer-Performer
  • Healing Circle for Reconciliation Workshops
  • Holistic Music Workshops
  • Sacred Sound Journeys
  • Choral Workshops on her unique Choral Music
  • Harmonic Overtone Singing Workshops
  • Contemporary Cello Workshops
  • Composition Workshops
  • Cultural Relations Workshops

In addition to workshops advertised for the general public, Sarah has worked with the following groups and organisations:- Schools, universities, special schools, community arts and music organisations, women's resources centres, spiritual centres, migrant women's support services, Musica Viva Australia, music camps, youth orchestras, the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, the World Choral Symposium Choir, Inter-Varsity Choral Festival Choirs, music therapy groups and the Cultural Relations Branch of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

For bookings and further information please email or phone Sarah.