Sarah Hopkins - Music for the soul


As a composer-performer, my desire is to create music which resonates with the space and energy of the Australian landscape as well as the inner landscape of the human psyche. I want my music to move and inspire people and reconnect them with the heart of Life. Compositionally I trust the power of the simple, direct and heartfelt; and am guided by my intuition. Sometimes dreams and visions inspire my music. Often melodies literally 'sing through' me as was the case in Past Life Melodies, Two Kyries from the Winds of Heaven, Return to Joy and Honour the Earth as your Mother.

I often feel like a 'song catcher'and dream-weaver, creating sonic tapestries to bridge heaven and earth with the songs from my soul.

When composing for choirs, it's the natural voice and its inherent qualities that I choose to explore and express, rather than 'classically trained' voices. I explore resonant hums, long sustains of pure sound building bands of sonic colour; open-throated chant singing inspired by the Eastern European folk tradition, African and Aboriginal chants, also harmonic overtone singing which has its roots in Tuva, Mongolia and Tibet and brings out the inherent overtones within any note sung.

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